• September 25, 2018

North Dakotans for Sound Government is Established to Oppose Measure 1

North Dakotans for Sound Government is Established to Oppose Measure 1

1024 683 No on Measure 1

(Bismarck, ND) – North Dakotans for Sound Government, a coalition of concerned organizations, has been formed to oppose passage of Measure 1, and educate North Dakota voters on the negative impact of the constitutional measure.

North Dakotans for Sound Government opposes Measure 1 for the following reasons:

  1. The Measure is carelessly written by elite out of state interests
  2. The Measure creates an unaccountable new branch of government which will costtaxpayers millions
  3. The Measure would override every other article of our North Dakota Constitution

“We encourage all North Dakotans to read this measure for themselves and not be hoodwinked by misleading buzzwords.” Said Geoff Simon, Chairman of NDSG and Executive Director of Western Dakota Energy Association.

“We’ve carefully studied Measure 1. We believe the measure, an amendment to our Constitution, is fatally flawed,” says GNDC President & CEO Arik Spencer.

The NDSG coalition represents a broad array of North Dakota organizations who publicly oppose Measure 1 as it represents a serious threat by outside special interests to take control of the North Dakota constitution and the rights and privileges accorded ALL North Dakotans. NDSG has generated considerable support and enthusiasm from all sectors of the state, with new members joining weekly. These organizations include, but are not limited to:

Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce; Western Dakota Energy Association (formerly ND Association of Oil & Gas Producing Counties); Bismarck/Mandan Chamber of Commerce; North Dakota Retail Association; Independent Community Bankers of North Dakota; Minnkota Power Cooperative; Associated General Contractors of North Dakota; Great River Energy; Credit Union Association of North Dakota; North Dakota Petroleum Marketers; Utility Shareholders of North Dakota; North Dakota Petroleum Council; Lignite Energy Council; Basin Electric Power Cooperative; Xcel Energy.

Vote NO on Measure 1. Keep OUR North Dakota.


Contact: Geoff Simon 701-527-1832

For Immediate Release: September 25, 2018