• October 15, 2018

North Dakota Farm Bureau Announces Opposition to Measure 1

North Dakota Farm Bureau Announces Opposition to Measure 1

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Contact: Geoff Simon
For Immediate Release: October 12, 2018

North Dakota Farm Bureau Announces Opposition to Measure 1

(Bismarck, ND) – North Dakotans for Sound Government announced today the North Dakota Farm Bureau publicly opposes Measure 1.

“The North Dakota Farm Bureau opposes Measure 1. Proponents of this carelessly written constitutional measure are not telling the truth to our farmers and ranchers about the Measure.” Darryl Lies, President, North Dakota Farm Bureau.

“We welcome the North Dakota Farm Bureau and their opposition to Measure 1. Their leadership in opposition to this measure speaks volumes about this reckless attempt to misinform North Dakota voters.” says GNDC President & CEO Arik Spencer

To this end, North Dakotans for Sound Government highlights four of the many false claims made by the proponents of Measure 1:

FALSE CLAIM: North Dakota does not have an ethics commission.
TRUTH: North Dakota has an ethics committee appointed by the legislature every two years and an elected Auditor. N.D.C.C 54-35-02.8

FALSE CLAIM: Measure 1 will ban foreign contributions in North Dakota.
TRUTH: Foreign contributions have been banned in North Dakota since 1972. 52 U.S.C Sec. 30121 and N.D.C.C.16.1-08.1-03.15

FALSE CLAIM: North Dakota elected officials can use campaign money for their personal use.
TRUTH: North Dakota law prohibits personal use of any campaign contributions. N.D.C.C. 16.1-08.1-02.3

FALSE CLAIM: Measure 1 will protect free speech.
TRUTH: Measure 1 overrides the entire North Dakota constitution, including free speech. Initiated Measure 1, sec. 4, article 3

Paid for By North Dakotans for Sound Government, Geoff Simon, Chairman

Geoff Simon, Chairman of NDSG said, “The people of North Dakota are making an informed choice based on readily available facts and truths. We are rejecting poll tested buzzwords intended to mislead us into falling for their false claims.”

About North Dakotans for Sound Government (NDSG)
The NDSG coalition represents a broad array of North Dakota organizations who publicly oppose Measure 1 as it represents a serious threat by outside special interests to take control of the North Dakota constitution and the rights and privileges accorded ALL North Dakotans. NDSG has generated considerable support and enthusiasm from all sectors of the state, with new members joining weekly. These organizations include, but are not limited to:

Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce; Western Dakota Energy Association; Independent Community Banks of North Dakota; Great River Energy; Minnkota Power Cooperative; Credit Union Association of North Dakota; Bismarck/Mandan Chamber of Commerce; Lignite Energy Council; Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo Chamber of Commerce; Associated General Contractors of North Dakota; MDU Resources Group, Inc; North Dakota Family Policy Alliance; Grand Forks-East Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce; North Dakota Retail Association; North Dakota Bankers Association; Minot Chamber of Commerce; ALLETE/Minnesota Power; BNI Energy; North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association; Utility Shareholders of North Dakota; Basin Electric Power Cooperative; Xcel Energy; North Dakota Ethanol Producers; North Dakota Chapter of the American Institute of Architects; OtterTail Power Company; Williston Chamber of Commerce; North Dakota Petroleum Council; North Dakota Chiropractic Association.

Vote NO on Measure 1. Keep OUR North Dakota.