• October 4, 2018

Catholic Conference Opposes Measure 1

Catholic Conference Opposes Measure 1

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Date: October 4, 2018

Catholic Conference Opposes Measure 1

Bismarck, North Dakota – The North Dakota Catholic Conference announced today its

opposition to Measure 1, calling it a threat to churches, charitable organizations, and social

service agencies.

It a statement describing its position, Christopher Dodson, executive director and general

counsel for the conference, said, “Though well-intentioned, Measure 1 would force churches

and charities to turn over the privacy of every contributor as the ‘price’ to pay for civil


Churches and charities do not support or oppose political candidates. Nor do they make

contributions to public officials. They do, however, speak out public issues and partner with state

agencies to serve the public.

“The Catholic Church believes that ethics and integrity should be the hallmark of the political

process,” said Dodson. “Measure 1, however, is not about whether someone supports more

integrity and ethics in government. It is about the actual language of the measure.” Dodson


Dodson listed several “sweeping consequences” of Measure 1.

Measure 1, he said, requires churches and charities to disclose the name of every contributor,

even if only a small fraction of the organization’s budget was used to “influence government

action” or to speak out on a ballot measure. “Anonymous donations would no longer be

allowed,” Dodson said.

“Social service agencies,” said Dodson, “would have to disclose the name of every contributor

as the ‘admission fee’ for partnering with state agencies to provide important social services like

health care, foster care, guardianship, and sheltering victims of domestic violence.”

The North Dakota Catholic Conference is also concerned that the measure creates several tools

that people could use to harass churches, charities, and their members. One of these tools is a

new right to sue that bypasses state law.

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