The truth about Measure 1 is Scary

North Dakotans for Sound Government opposes Measure 1 for the following reasons:

  1. The Measure is carelessly written by elite out of state interests
  2. The Measure creates an unaccountable new branch of government which will cost taxpayers millions
  3. The Measure would override every other article of our North Dakota Constitution

Don't Let Shady Measure 1 and Out Of State Interests Take Away Your Rights
as a Citizen of North Dakota.

“We encourage all North Dakotans to read this measure for themselves and not be hoodwinked by misleading buzzwords.”

— Geoff Simon, Chairman of NDSG and Executive Director of Western Dakota Energy Association


“We’ve carefully studied Measure 1. We believe the measure, an amendment to our Constitution, is fatally flawed,”

— GNDC President & CEO Arik Spencer


“The ACLU of North Dakota’s opposition to Measure 1 surprised a lot of people, and we’ve gotten some backlash from those who disagree with our position. But the ACLU has never shied away from a fight when civil liberties are at stake.”

— Heather Smith, Executive Director, ACLU of North Dakota. 


“The plain and clear language of Measure 1 makes churches and charities pay a price – a penalty, even – for speaking out on public policy issues.”

–Christopher Dodson, Executive Director and General Counsel, North Dakota Catholic Conference

“The North Dakota Farm Bureau opposes Measure 1.  Proponents of this carelessly written constitutional measure are not telling the truth to our farmers and ranchers about the Measure.”

–Darryl Lies, President, North Dakota Farm Bureau  


Read the Full Text of Measure 1